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    Month: October 2015
    Importance of Investing Early - October 30, 2015 by admin

    This post right here is without a doubt an important piece of information for anyone who is in their early twenties. In fact, once past the age of 30 you will only receive diminishing returns in using this information here. With that being said, I will bring you the facts at hand.

    In saving for your retirement it is absolutely essential that you begin saving at a young age. The reason this is compound interest.  Investing earlier allows more compounding periods and more compounding periods allows your money to grow faster! In the two examples provided I am using the age of 25 as young, but believe me the earlier the better. Also these assume all the interest is reinvested and not paid out.  Lets take a look at the first example to see why starting early is so important.

    The graph below shows 3 individuals who invest $1,000 per year until the age of 65. The rate of return on these investments are a modest 7% and taxes and inflation are ignored. The key is is the difference of age at which each person begins saving. As you can see by the chart, one person begins at age 25, another begins at age 35, and the last person begins at age 45.

    Source: Investment Company Institute

    The difference in each persons value at age 65 is dramatic. Simply by starting earlier and only using an extra $10,000 of their own money the person who begins at age 25 has double of what the person who starts at age 35. By using these numbers it comes to approximately an extra $112,000 by age 65. Lets look at another example that is even more eye opening.

    This example uses two people, one who starts at the age of 25 and invests $1,000 per year until the age of 35 then STOPS. The person never invests any more of their own money and just lets what they have sit there. The second person begins at the age of 35 and invests $1,000 per year until the age of 65. Our first person has invested $10,000 of their own money while our second person has invested $30,000 of their own money. Using the same 7% rate of return and ignoring inflation and taxes the person who started earlier but invested less money actually has more money by the age of 65.

    Source: Investment Company Institute

    I hope these two examples illustrated the importance of saving earlier. The more money you get in earlier allows more compounding periods and gives you much more money in the long run.

    Microsoft Office 07 Budget - October 16, 2015 by admin

    We all have a budget, but what do we use to keep track of it? An ancient way was to use a pencil and a pad of paper and write down our income and expenses.

    With the advent of the computer, more people have turned to keeping their budgets saved on their computer. I am sure there are many different programs out there to do this, but I personally use and recommend using a template found in Microsoft Excel 07. The template can be accessed by following these simple steps.

    1. Open up Microsoft Excel and click on New.
    2. Go to the Microsoft Office Online section (yes, you will need internet access for get this template) and click on the budget tab.
    3. Scroll down until you find the template titled “Personal budget2″ and double click on it to open it. Here is a picture of what the template looks like for your reference.


    The template is extremely simple to use and edit. At the top, you input your income. Below that you can enter a wide variety of expenses. The program automatically calculates your total expenses at the bottom. At the very bottom is your net total of income vs expenses. You can view this to see if you have a surplus of deficit of spending for the month.

    The Real Beginning - October 15, 2015 by admin

    You have always wondered what these moments would be like since you were a little kid. Your first day as a freshman at college, purchasing your first car, buying your first house, heck — even your first blog! At one point in our lives, all of those milestones seemed too far in the future to matter. We were all too busy playing Nintendo to think about them right? Well all of a sudden we have grown up and those moments are now.

    The above examples and many many others are what this web site is all about. In a nutshell, I will cover all the important events that a young adult goes through. So if you happen to be a young adult and you are reading this you must be thinking wow, jackpot! Well it gets better too. I also will also cover a few unimportant events too. I’ll put it like this…if it’s something you will go through in your 20s…I’ll cover it here. My master plan is to make this site an important resource to all young people who are just beginning to experience what the “real” world is all about. My secondary plan is to make coming here an enjoyable experience for all.

    So to the few people who may have stumbled across this site in its earlier phases — Welcome! I encourage you to keep visiting and to give me feedback (comments, suggestions, even criticism) on any of the posts you may read here. I am only one person and believe it or not, I don’t know everything! (yet) Hope you enjoy!

    Job Search Resources - October 8, 2015 by admin

    When looking for a job, what is the best way to search for one? Nowadays, there are many resources out there for you to look through. I have narrowed them down to three major types to look at the benefits of each. The three types are the internet, newspaper, and through networking. Lets look at the internet first.

    Looking through the internet is a great way to quickly find jobs. It is actually the means by which I found my current job as a Financial Aid Advisor. Two helpful websites I looked at were and .  You can easily search for a job specified in your area of interest, and its also a great resources to look at if you are planning on moving and new a job in a new town or city.  One of the things I have found that are not so good about some of these sites are some of the jobs are spammed, and can be very misleading.  Lots of sales jobs are posted with misleading job descriptions to get a big volume of job seekers in the door.  Make sure you research a company before you go to the interview.

    Another means of finding a job is through the classified section in your local newspaper.  Every Sunday it is a good idea to take the job section of the newspaper and look for jobs in your area.  Most list mailing or email address where you can send in your resume and cover letter.  As always you need to follow up with these, do not expect someone to call you back always.

    A third and final  excellent means to acquire a job is through networking.  If you are recently out of school, contact your classmates in your area and ask them if there are any openings where they work.  I had two job offers this way and its a great way to easily get your foot in the door if you already know someone working where you are applying.

    Using all three of these means for finding a job simultaneously will improve your chances of finding a good job in your area.

    Easy Way To Get A Strong Personal Reference - October 1, 2015 by admin

    Having to get letters of recommendation can be a stressful thing to do.  You may not always feel comfortable going up to someone and asking them to write a letter on your behalf.  Here is what needs to be done to make this process easier.

    Build a strong relationship with the person from the start!!

    Whether it be your boss, professor, whoever keep this in mind from the beginning.  At some point you will probably need to use that person as a reference.   It’s best to start from the beginning building a strong relationship with that person.

    I’ll use a college professor for example. During thefirst day of class, make it a point to have yourself stick out in this person’s mind, even if its not necessary.  For example, stay after class and just talk to your professor about the class for a while.  Simple small talk like this will help you build a strong relationship with your professor.  Once a week make it a point to have a conversation with them.  When the time is ready, it will be no problem for you to ask them for a reference since over the course of time you have put in the effort to build your relationship with you professor.

    This pays off with the reference too.  This person can now truly elaborate on  how you may be an easy person to get along with, or how you stayed after class for help.  A strong reference can be the difference in getting a good internship, job, whatever it may be.  The key point here is to start from the beginning, and follow thought with building and maintaining a strong relationship.