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    Month: December 2015
    A Great GMAT Online Study Guide - December 25, 2015 by admin

    For those of you out there looking for a great GMAT study guide online, look no further than here.  This study guide from provides hundreds of pages of in depth analysis, examples, explanations, and practice questions for everything you would need to know to pass your GMAT test.

    AOL Finance Beta - December 11, 2015 by admin

    For those of you with investments, AOL has come out with a new Finance Beta site bringing you new tools to use in making investment decisions. AOL Finance has been around a long time, however they have not always been on the cutting edge in terms of the tools they have to offer.

    Before the release of their Beta, AOL Finance ranked third in finance and money sites behind Yahoo Finance, and MSN Money, but were ahead of CNN Money, and Google Finance, their two other main competitors. With their new site and new array of tools, AOL is making a push to the top

    Taken from AOL’s site, here are some of the features the site includes.

    Among the new features on the site

    • Real-time headlines from more than 3,000 hand-picked sources, powered by Relegence, the leading financial search engine in the market.
    • Automatic “heat indicators” notifying users when a stock is driving news coverage.
    • Interactive charts that offer decades of price data, comparison functionality and more.
    • In-depth research data, including financial statements, mutual fund ratings, peer comparisons, insider transactions, SEC filings, earnings information, analyst recommendations, research reports and more from well-known partners including Hemscott, Interactive Data, Morningstar and Thomson Financial.
    • Stock prices that automatically update without having to refresh the page.

    Other new features appearing in the coming weeks and months include:

    • Richer public company, mutual fund and private company data sets
    • Technical charting
    • All new portfolios platform

    I only have checked out their new site a few times, but I haven’t had time to look at most of their new features in much detail. I personally rotate between Yahoo Finance and MSN Money, but I would say I like MSN the best. I will say AOL’s new site looks extremely visually attractive. The upgrades to this site provide yet another means for people to get financial information in order to make their investment decisions.

    Tax Rebate Information - December 4, 2015 by admin

    As most of you konw, many Americans will be receiving a tax rebate in the near future. These tax rebates that most people should be receiving by spring are part of a plan by Congress and the President to jump start the economy. The idea is to have the rebate increase consumer spending, which in turn helps out the economy.

    So how much money can you expect? There details still have not been finalized, but here is a breakdown of basics:

    • Individuals could get a tax rebate up to $600
    • Couples would be eligible to get a rebate up to $1200
    • Those with children are eligible for $300 per child, with on limit on the number of children

    This tax rebate will be welcome income for many people. For more detailed information on this rebate, go here to read more.