Perfect Fit!

Recently I did not have the time to make a reasonable and sensible post. I have a perfectly good explanantion for that and I am sure those who know me will be reallly so happy to find out that I am SOOOO back in the businesss. What business? The business of LIVING…(wink!). It’s not that I didn’t want to live…I guess I was just tired of being this person that i wasn’t and I was blaming myself for becoming the person that i did not want to be. Instead of pulling myself up from the mess that I have made, I gloated over it, I glossed over my past victories that i forgot to move on. I cannot believe that it could habppen to me. After all those affirmations, self-help books and mindsets that I have read and practice I went into a slump. So it went downhill from there and then I absolutely began to fade away.

So now, i am actually enjoying studying (duh?)…yes, i do and eventhough my academic performance leaves much to be desired, i love being an OT student and hopefully in the next three years I would be able to become a licensed OT. For thsoe who don’t know, an Occupational Therapist is a person who helps people who are unable to perform activities that are relevant or meaningful to their life because fo some traumatic accident or debiliitating disease.

At first, I was re

ally apprehensive not knowing if being an OT was for me. But then as I began to know more about my chosen profession I began to see that this was absolutely the PERFECT profession for me. Because being an OT I get to help people and become part of their lives. It’s like being a teacher, friend,social worker and therapist all in one. And not only that I get to learn something about them too,like the resilience of the human spirit and the love that is common in all of us.

A new lease on life? Not really, more like a re-awakening! And it feels so great to feel so alive!