I can’t believe I even called you friend
I can’t believe I have been set up again
Didn’t you know I was ready to lay it all on the line?
Just for you, I gave up so we’d have the time
I was used to having you by my side
We’d always go out for fast car rides
Now you left me hanging over the edge
My hand is slipping, trailing the edge
You used to tell me what a day you had
There’s nothing left for me but a scouring pad
But these days I feel like I’ve had to prove
That I’m worth for you something good
You’ve got your own clique now, Your life is a ball
You think you’re so fly now, missing my calls

I thought you were friend
but I guess I was mistaken
I have never felt so much forsaken
The sun shines on you now
You’ve got everybody fooled
My motion has been overruled
Tell me was I in your plan, did you use
Me so you can have all the glam?
You think that I don’t deserve
Your company
And you’ve already kept
Secrets from me
Guess what? I think so too
I don’t need a friend as trashy like you!!!

I gave a part of me to you
And I want it back, I want to take it back
I revealed a lot to you
I want to take it back, I want it back
You’re right,
I don’t deserve you
Because I’m deserve better than this
Better treatment like you gave me miss
I won’t wish that you will regret
That you ever threw me out of your life
I just wish I could soon forget
You that you never existed
That I never called you friend

Because you never were that to me…

okay, so i know maybe i’m all too jealous that i am no longer part of her life…but she could have confronted me and not make me feel like i was talking to a wall, if you ever read this i know you’ll never know it’s you
and besides, maybe i am still hoping we could be friends again….OR NOT!!! Damn! am I so gullible? That is why i have issues with trust! i don’t know if I could ever trust anyone my thoughts again… of course when i’m blogging i would have resolved the “issues” before i write about it, but when it comes to friends it’s still in the process…aargh! i just don’t want to talk to her…nor see her…yet…