Easy Way To Get A Strong Personal Reference

Having to get letters of recommendation can be a stressful thing to do.  You may not always feel comfortable going up to someone and asking them to write a letter on your behalf.  Here is what needs to be done to make this process easier.

Build a strong relationship with the person from the start!!

Whether it be your boss, professor, whoever keep this in mind from the beginning.  At some point you will probably need to use that person as a reference.   It’s best to start from the beginning building a strong relationship with that person.

I’ll use a college professor for example. During thefirst day of class, make it a point to have yourself stick out in this person’s mind, even if its not necessary.  For example, stay after class and just talk to your professor about the class for a while.  Simple small talk like this will help you build a strong relationship with your professor.  Once a week make it a point to have a conversation with them.  When the time is ready, it will be no problem for you to ask them for a reference since over the course of time you have put in the effort to build your relationship with you professor.

This pays off with the reference too.  This person can now truly elaborate on  how you may be an easy person to get along with, or how you stayed after class for help.  A strong reference can be the difference in getting a good internship, job, whatever it may be.  The key point here is to start from the beginning, and follow thought with building and maintaining a strong relationship.