Job Seekers, Beware of This Scam!

“The money’s the same, whether you earn it or scam it.” – Bobby Heenan

This is most likely the motto of Exam Services, a company that recently scammed me. (I DID get my money back!) We all know scams are out there and most of us don’t think we will fall for them. I personally had never been scammed before but that is exactly when you are most susceptible to a scam , when you are least expecting it. Here’s what this slick little scam is.

I’m sure everyone has been out of a job at some point in their life and decided to browse through the Sunday classified in search of some job openings. Well if you happen to see a lucrative ad for Post Office job claiming to pay over $50,000 per year with full benefits, STAY AWAY! The ad lists a 1-800 number which when you call is really Exam Services. Here is what happened to me when I called the number.

I was on hold for roughly five minutes when an operator came on and quickly said welcome to exam services this is so-and-so how many I help you. Now if you are not listening intently you will not hear the welcome to Exam Services comment because you were on hold so long and likely were not paying attention. This is your ONLY clue you are not with the Post Office, so if you miss that you may be out around $120. While talking to the operator I asked several questions specifically related to the Post Office job, all which were answered with the impression I was talking to a Post Office employee. During the entire conversation I was being given a pitch that jobs were available and that I would need these study materials to pass the exam. This is where they try and get you to fork up $120 to pay for these “study materials.”

What the “study materials” really are is a worthless, but expensive study guide. You definitely do not need this to become a Post Office Employee. I do not know how this advertising technique used by Exam Services is legal but it somehow is. It is purposely misleading solely for the purpose of making poor, unemployed people pay money for something they DO NOT need.

To sum up my adventures, I filed a complain with the BBB. After a few weeks I was contacted and informed I was entitled to a refund. So people please, beware of post office ads in the newspaper because I know they are out there, and spread the word of this sleazy scam!