I just received my “disability” so to speak today. The whole theory about this stuff is that we, the future Occupational Therapists should have grasped the concept of how difficult it is to go through this life unable to perform certain tasks due to some disability. Hence we have this “Disability Day”, in which for about half of the day we are sent out to three places where we would get a firsthand experience on what it is like to be disabled in a city such as Manila.


What I fear the most? Is that there’d be like a riot and I get caught in the middle of it with my arm sling in the way (Gosh, I forgot to tell you, my disability is that I am a right arm amputee!). Or like I get caught by the police for something (this was my fear when I did not yet know my disability, I was scared if I got like a mental illness one, because for sure the police would be like chasing me).


Anyway, so I am a right arm amputee and thankfully I was “stationed” at this mall where middle class people frequent it. Other places were like the University Belt which is like a NO-NO because there are like people our age there and it’d be so HUMILIATING because may be some of them knew me from my high school and it would be like “Man, what is she doing here? What happened to her?”.  The other place was like the Business District of the Philippines. And people there belong to the upper class and stuff like that, now, I may be stereotyped but I think they rarely know how to handle those situations, you know, them facing a PWD.


I am really excited because I had always wanted to act like a disabled person and to test other people’s reaction Because I feel like in the world today, there is like this apathy on persons with disabilities or it can be like so much pity, either way we always tend to think that “we are slightly above them”. And though I thank God that I am as healthy as I can be, I still feel that we don’t give PWD’s (Persons With Disabilities) credit. They can still do a lot of things, function the same as we are, although sometimes they have to adapt or modify some things. Nevertheless, they are ok.


I am very eager to take on this challenge and next Monday after this I’d tell you all about it. Ciao!