I won!!!!

so…two posts in one day…i just have to tell you guys!

I am a self-confessed “collector of embarrassing moments”. As a matter of fact, since I was a child I had that habit. I fell into a canal when I was a kid (now, see here the “canal” I am talking about is not unlike the ones that are found in Venice, it is FAR from that, in the Philippines, a canal is a body of muddy, ink-black sludge that contains enough germs and bacteria and even viruses to the utmost level of toxicity, it’s like “garbage juice”) in front of the whole community. The good thing though was that my mom wasn’t around and the neighbors bathed me and dressed me up so that my mom would not notice anything “off” had happened. Anyway I could go on and on about mistaken identities, wrong directions, not following instructions and stuff like that, but I thought, man, it happens and I guess I kinda learned to shrug it all off.

Just when I thought that there is nothing in this world that would make me feel embarrassed or shamed or humiliated, TODAY, yes mark your calendars, April 20, 2005, at exactly 11:45AM I humiliated myself in…get this NATIONAL TELEVISION. I was supposed to go back at the College of Arts and Sciences building after a brief stay at my classmates dormitory and we usually passed by the Supreme Court Building.
Now as a student of the University of the Philippines, Manila, cameras, reporters and OB vans were the usual so my friends and I though nothing of it.

But boy, oh boy, we (Camille, Elaine and I) were stopped by EAGLE, a segment host for a morning show at one of the major TV network here and he asked me my opinion about something I have no right to comment on because it was so political I knew I’d make enemies if I said something very opinionated…I mean the latest issue I knew was the announcement of the new pope…so I came up with such a STUPID, STUPID answer and therefore making a complete fool of myself. And what is worse, everyone is going to see it (since the show which I won’t name for private purposes, is very well-received and an institution in public affairs and service), they are going to hear my stupid answer and laugh at me because I looked like a complete mess. I spoke, Elaine spoke vaguely too, and Camille had run off to a safe place…Darn! My first chance at National TV and I blew it!!! So there, I think…I’ll never be embarrassed about anything again.

P.S. to those who know me I was shocked and at a loss for words please don’t be disgusted with me because I was unawares of the events my apologies…