No Credit And Need Your First Credit Card?

I’m sure there are a few people who were in the same boat as me when I got out of college. I didn’t have any student loans in my name and I never had a credit card. Basically I had no credit history, and I was trying with no success to get approved for a credit card. Things got so bad for me I couldn’t even get approved for store credit cards such as Gap, Kohl’s, or American Eagle. I finally found a credit card after hours of searching online who approved me.

I got my card approved at Credit One Bank. Although its not the best card, it was a credit card that I could use and make payments on to start building my history. Here are the basics of the card.

  • I started off with a $200 credit limit. It has since been increased and the maximum limit is $1,000.
  • $69 one time Enrollment Fee
  • $69 Annual Membership Fee. This fee is billed to you at $5.75 each month
  • 23.90% APR

Thats the basics of the card there. As you can see its not the greatest but you WILL get approved and be able to start building your credit history. I’ve been approved for several cards since and you need something to get started at some point.