93 and 930

The exam was like all other exams, painful and confusing. To give you an idea bout how messed up I was preparing for this when I slept last night at about 0500hrs I was dreaming I was just about to kiss someone and woke up with a jolt and said “Warfarin 80U/kg IV bolus, 18U/kg/hr IV infusion” Not quiet the mood setter eh? But on a funny note it did come in the exam and I’m sure I got that one right !

All in all the exam was very nice (I cant believe I’m saying this) and even though I’m not sure if I did well but I liked the questions as they made me think (Shows how much I knew the answers!!) and they were not convoluted ones that dealt on arcane issues. Very clinically relevant and very nicely put. (I never thought this day would come!!)

On a happy note I got 93/100 on ma stat exams, the one I had cribbed about and honestly thought I would do very poorly in. My fear was heightened when one of my class mates got a D and another a C, but they had never studied for the exam to be really true. Not that I had either but then I guess I had tried a lil bit harder. So the news comes in as a pleasant surprise.

On an insane note I pushed my crunches up a notch and did 930 of them today. I so wanted to hit the 1000 mark but I was too exhausted from the exams and the kinds to try, and my back was not quiet co-operative. But I’m happy with the whole deal anyways. I can feel a change but I wont stop till I get a visible 8 pack abs – read this! My waist has shrunk a bit in the past 2 weeks or so since the madness and I did drop down a kilo to 74.5 when I weighed myself today (This is the leanest I have been since I started training) and maybe its the lighter clothing I was wearing but I’m happy either way!

To bring me back to reality is the fact 6 HW assignments are due, an exam in 6 days and and it stat again! Except that this time I do not know the syllabus even! I need help! Please once again t tests, ANOVA help is most welcome as is positive vibes, spells charms etc!

I ma bit tired after the whole ordeal and I’m off to sleep… I have a dream to complete without warfarin coming in the way!