Does Internet Poker Cheating Happen?? You Bet!

Like lots of other people my age, I started playing poker a few years ago about the time the poker craze started. With the startup and addition of many online poker sites, I have played my share of poker on the internet. I tried a few sites putting some money in here and there and in the long run I always lost whatever I put in.

To me, something never felt quite right playing online. The hands were never like hands I saw at a live table and at times I felt like something fishy was up. A few days ago, a friend of mine pointed me towards this article and my suspensions were confirmed. It IS possible to hack internet poker software, and its happened. Take a look at this article from

Now I’m not saying this is common online, its probably not. But I for one will never put money into any online poker site again. I don’t trust the randomness of the cards, and now it’s been proven that through hacks it is possible for another player to see your hole cards. My recommendation to people who like to play poker is stick to playing with a group of friends. That way you can be sure you are not being cheated.