George Carlin Talks Stuff

I’m feeling the urge for a late Spring Clean. Inspired by this old George Carlin set – very old, it’s from a Comic Relief gig in 1986 but it’s so true.

It’s worth watching but if you’re in a rush: Carlin says we label everything we own as stuff but everyone’s else’s belongings are s***.  Painfully true.  Every time I move, I shift things from the stuff category to the other one, and throw bags away.

Well, not just somehow – I order things online or walk into shops and buy stuff. Stuff that usually seems vital to my existence but then sits there or gets forgotten.  Living in Ireland,  a fairly materialistic country, hasn’t helped as there is no incentive not to shop here.  Everyone claims to be shopping less due to the recession as this Deloitte report says, but this is clearly a relative term. I found the Carlin video on Vagablogging where Rolf talks about how our stuff actually owns us not the other way around.

Two questions today: Are books and DVDS stuff? And how do you deal with your stuff build-ups?