Job Search Resources

When looking for a job, what is the best way to search for one? Nowadays, there are many resources out there for you to look through. I have narrowed them down to three major types to look at the benefits of each. The three types are the internet, newspaper, and through networking. Lets look at the internet first.

Looking through the internet is a great way to quickly find jobs. It is actually the means by which I found my current job as a Financial Aid Advisor. Two helpful websites I looked at were and .  You can easily search for a job specified in your area of interest, and its also a great resources to look at if you are planning on moving and new a job in a new town or city.  One of the things I have found that are not so good about some of these sites are some of the jobs are spammed, and can be very misleading.  Lots of sales jobs are posted with misleading job descriptions to get a big volume of job seekers in the door.  Make sure you research a company before you go to the interview.

Another means of finding a job is through the classified section in your local newspaper.  Every Sunday it is a good idea to take the job section of the newspaper and look for jobs in your area.  Most list mailing or email address where you can send in your resume and cover letter.  As always you need to follow up with these, do not expect someone to call you back always.

A third and final  excellent means to acquire a job is through networking.  If you are recently out of school, contact your classmates in your area and ask them if there are any openings where they work.  I had two job offers this way and its a great way to easily get your foot in the door if you already know someone working where you are applying.

Using all three of these means for finding a job simultaneously will improve your chances of finding a good job in your area.