What a wonderful way to end the day! I really thought that this day will turn out to be a total disaster because of you know, BLUE. I saw him at the canteen, he passed by me but then …he went back and sat at the table near us. If this happened during my “crushing on him” days I would have been ecstatic or I would not let my eyes off him, but then I found out what a real jerk he was, so I just ignored him.
Nothing much happened except of course my PE class [Social Dance…don’t dare ask why I enrolled myself there] where I learned how to dance the boogie and came out with a new moniker…”JINX of the Dance floor”…Hahaha…I do believe no one will really want me for their partner now! Except for April, anyway when we exchanged partners I don’t know maybe I was so contagious [my two-left feet syndrome] that my partners were making mistakes also!!!!

Like Alexis, I told him that I cannot really dance well [dance well? try CANNOT REALLY DANCE at ALL] and he was like telling me that he is a great doctor and he could “cure” me of this socially embarrassing disease so anyway, the music started and at first everything went smoothly, then bad…then worse…you get the picture!

The climax would be was when we were able to collect embarrassing moments to fill the whole SSWC building in one dance; there was still this finale when we had to do a left turn. He successfully maneuvered me to the other side and then he stood planted on the floor like a rock and he still had this smile plastered on his face but it disappeared when I screeched,” You were supposed to turn too!” And he was like, horrified….”What did you do to me?!?” Yes, I deserve to be burned at the stake for leading people to forget the steps and confuse their feet. Yes, I am guilty…
After my PE class I had to go to the University Library to return a REALLY COOL BOOK on Protest Poetry, after that we went straight to CAS (College of ARTS and SCIENCES) and hung out at the Gusaling Andres Bonifacio Lobby.

Jenny then wanted to go and buy supplements at, so we both proceeded there stopping along the way to buy inane candy. After our extended Geology lecture, I really wanted to go home after all it was past 6 and I had a long commute ahead of me. But then Jennifer invited me to go to Mcdonald’s with them for floats so I did and I brought Christine along. So after some floats and conversations about “The Mouth”, our Math I prof, the people we know about, the things we have to do, the UNBELIEVABLE toxicity of our existence. Then we decided it will be best if we go home.

Then we stopped over at a stall selling native bags and jewelries where I “spotted” this cute guy with his girlfriend, since we rarely see cute guys from the side of Taft Avenue we are in, Jenny and I did what was all in our power to make the group linger a little bit more there but then, some good things just don’t last don’t they. When we left the mall, I saw Fia, Jennifer, Aure and Carisse with Micah all “naka-kapit bisig” just like during protest rallies when the people hook their arms up with each other. They were shouting “_ _ _ _ _!” You know, the guy they were teasing me to. And I was like, “I don’t know you guys”. Then we walked onwards, after that we saw this car with radio sound blaring about to enter the mall’s parking space and we were not sure if the driver would let us pass.

What caught my attention was that the guy on the driver’s side of the car was flashing his beautiful pearly whites and then it hit me! It was Dion Ignacio! The Starstruck guy! And then we were all like …”Let’s go back to Rob!” And we were giggling and gushing like high school students!

And man! Was he ever so cute! I am not really a fan of his but he is cute and that is that! I am so glad I did not pass up the chance to bond with my friends!