Stop the world i wanna get off!

O-kay, before anyone thinks that this is one of those angst-y, uber-depressing, churning of my mind, nope…

The title just sums up the study I have been doing for my visual journal, filed under WORK IN PROGRESS.

Plus, I watched a bit of Jimmy NEutron last saturday and Carl Wheezer said that, so it stuck on my mind.

Recently I was browsing through the New York Times and there was this article shocked me and made me think about the journal article from the Australian Occupational Therapy Association that I read during my spare (ahem! procrastinating actually) time, how most student therapists prefer to work in settings other than psychiatric ones. How at first a big chunk of the freshmen voiced interest in working in the┬ámental health setting but after a few immersions most of them wouldn’t opt for it again. The article also said that since few therapists would venture into mental health, there might be a danger of having the handful mental health therapists be spread too thin.

I haven’t been personally involved in those settings like my friends have been, as they observed PGH’s Ward 7 (the psychiatric ward) for a week and I don’t think I could handle it. I mean, in this setting you never know what may happen. I think that those who work in the mental behavior field are really something, they can anticipate problems and “read” a person so well, regardless of their psychotic states. And so, I was saddened by the death of Dr. Fenton, and I feel for all those mental health workers, who have been more than willing to live their lives to help other people in a sense “find themselves” and be able to function well for their re-introduction to society.