The Real Beginning

You have always wondered what these moments would be like since you were a little kid. Your first day as a freshman at college, purchasing your first car, buying your first house, heck — even your first blog! At one point in our lives, all of those milestones seemed too far in the future to matter. We were all too busy playing Nintendo to think about them right? Well all of a sudden we have grown up and those moments are now.

The above examples and many many others are what this web site is all about. In a nutshell, I will cover all the important events that a young adult goes through. So if you happen to be a young adult and you are reading this you must be thinking wow, jackpot! Well it gets better too. I also will also cover a few unimportant events too. I’ll put it like this…if it’s something you will go through in your 20s…I’ll cover it here. My master plan is to make this site an important resource to all young people who are just beginning to experience what the “real” world is all about. My secondary plan is to make coming here an enjoyable experience for all.

So to the few people who may have stumbled across this site in its earlier phases — Welcome! I encourage you to keep visiting and to give me feedback (comments, suggestions, even criticism) on any of the posts you may read here. I am only one person and believe it or not, I don’t know everything! (yet) Hope you enjoy!