Why Do You Go to the Cinema?

Has anyone ever seen a happy film about Ireland? I’m a big fan of reading and watching films to get yourself into a country when you move there. But sometimes I wonder what Irish film-makers are trying to do; are they working with the tourist board or against it? The Jameson Film Festival was on in Dublin last week. And the big Irish film was once again a heart-wrenching drama: Ondine while the others ‘ explored themes of masculinity, isolation, society and duty.’  That’ll put a smile on your face.

It’s my biggest complaint since moving back here; how much people moan. They moan about money, about lack of money, about the cold and about the heat, about immigrants and emigrants, they turn losing a rugby game into the end of the world but accept wins as normal. They say they hate materialism but shopping is a hobby, men say women drink too much, women say men drink too much.

And yes, I see the irony; I do bang on quite a bit myself! So as it’s a new month I’m going to try again with ignoring it all and keeping that smile going. Which means instead of Ondine and bleak West Cork,  I’ll be hiding from reality down the rabbit hole with Tim Burton this week.

Why do you head to the cinema? Is it just mindless entertainment or does it really affect your mood?